Idea blatantly stolen from Teacher Dave.

1. Mitch & Mickey – When You’re Next to Me

Valentine’s Day is on Wednesday. I will be spending most of it in meetings and rehearsal and class. Real exciting.

I’ve been thinking lately about how I want to find completion in everything but God–somehow I think that He won’t really do it, that He’ll disappoint me, which is utterly ridiculous, but that’s the kind of thought that fallen minds hold easily. But yeah, I’ve been thinking about how I want a boyfriend, but how it wouldn’t fill some of the holes I feel in my soul, holes only God can fill. A guy can only know me so well; there are places in me only God can know. And that’s somehow comforting.

But Valentine’s Day still sucks. 🙂

2. Stop Thief! Quartet – Spring or the Fourth of July

I graduate in three months, and yet I feel like I haven’t really gotten to explore Waco all that much. (Having non-adventurous friends and no car has a tendency to do that.) I haven’t seen the Dr. Pepper Museum! I haven’t been to Lake Waco! I haven’t been to the zoo! I haven’t seen a Waco Co-op concert (of which Stop Thief! are a part).

This is all very disconcerting.

So here’s my plan: Get out there and see as much of this city as possible before I get out of here. If I can drag some people along with me, so much the better. Waco may be a dump compared to some cities, but I kind of like the place. Come and visit.

3. Ben Folds Five – Army

Another scary thing about graduation: I don’t know what I’m doing afterwards. I have some ideas, it’s just a matter of actually getting there. Joining the army is obviously out (I am definitely hardwired to be a lazy bum), but there’s so much out there I want to do. Travel. Teach. Get a degree. Get a good job. I don’t know! It’s sort of bizarre, actually. Unlike Ben, though, I know that whatever happens God’s always gonna be there with me. So why am I still so worried about this?


2 thoughts on “shuffleblog.

  1. I remember when I started to explore more of Shawnee. That was fun. There’s a railroad depot museum, though I never went inside. But Shawnee has twin lakes. And an old downtown with a hamburger shop that’s been open for almost 80 years and was featured on the Food Channel. and the grave of the guy who wrote “Home on the Range.”

    Okay, it doesn’t sound as cool as Waco.

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