*skips in like a lamb*

starting music: Waterdeep – Stranger In This Land

1. Egads, is it March already? Is it just me, or has the year flown by already?

2. So, I haven’t really substantially blogged in a while, and for that I apologize profusely, readers. What have I been up to? Well, Sing, for starters (I didn’t take any fairy-costume pictures…sorry, guys). We made Pigskin, which made all the practice and glitter and being sick while doing it worth it. *high five* I will be coming back to watch in the fall. With big signs. I realize all my non-Baylor audience is probably clueless about this (well, maybe not Hannah, but your mom went to Baylor, so you don’t count), so I’m sorry. Just know it’s fun.

And I’ve been sick, like I’ve mentioned. Some sort of crazy upper-respiratory thing that all of my roommates have gotten. I mean, as Christians, we’re supposed to share what we have, but I don’t think Jesus meant for us to go that far. 😉 So we’ve been drinking lots of water and orange juice and stuff, which means all of us have to go to the bathroom every five minutes or so. But I think we’re almost over it. I have just been wanting to find a hole somewhere and sleep for a few days straight lately, a combination of Sing catching up with me and my allergies trying to eat me alive.

3. What else? Class, obviously. Paper due Tuesday, paper due Wednesday, paper and a take-home midterm due Thursday, and then…spring break. Hallelujah and amen (although I can’t believe it’s here already–madness).

4. The thought occurs to me that I have more married folks on my blogroll than singles, which weirds me out because it means I know that many married folks. I’m old enough to have married friends. One sign of many that I’m growing up, I suppose. And most of those married folks have kids, or are pregnant (congrats, Hales and Urminskys!). That still fascinates/boggles me.

I mean, I’m twenty-two. By the time my mother was my age she’d been married for five years and was in the process of adopting a kid. What am I doing? I don’t even really pay my own rent yet (holy crap, that’s due today). I know people who are younger than I am who are getting married soon! I feel a little behind. (This is when someone like Teacher Dave will come by and say something like “Tell me about it, buster.”)

5. Also been thinking about Lent, and how we don’t really think about it as a celebration of Jesus living in our place–I mean, traditionally, the church thinks of it in terms of His temptation in the desert, right, but when He went out there He resisted the temptation that Israel didn’t; He wandered the wilderness, but He trusted God instead of complaining or trying to fix the situation Himself; He beat the serpent instead of being bitten by him. And this is sort of representative of what He did His whole life. He did what we couldn’t. And now His righteousness is ours.

It makes sense to put that at this point in the church calendar; it’s in between the Incarnation and the Resurrection, it’s the in-between righteous life that we don’t think about much except as a good example. But it’s so much more than that. He came to make His blessings known far as the curse is found, to paraphrase Isaac Watts. He brought in the kingdom. And He still does. That’s why we repent, that’s why we examine our lives–because the kingdom of heaven is at hand. Hallelujah.

6. Umm, what else? Reading The Innocents Abroad by Mark Twain and Studies in the Sermon on the Mount by D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones (thanks again, Laura); just finished The Violent Bear It Away by Flannery O’Connor (great, great book, highly recommended). Lots of paper-writing. I might put up some pictures later. Have a good evening.

ending music: Waterdeep – Walls and Tall Shadows*

(*Everyone’s Beautiful is a great album. Go get it.)


2 thoughts on “*skips in like a lamb*

  1. 1. Yeah, March. It freaks me out. So far, total books read: 5 of the projected 47. (Technically, 3 of the projected, and 2 extra.) I’m a slow reader, suddenly.

    2. Yay for Sing, boo for sick. Glad you’re coming out the other side of both.

    3. I wish grown-ups got a spring break. Boo.

    4. Tell me about it, buster. …Oh. Right. Carry on.

    5. That’s a tasty word, and I plan on passing it on this weekend.

    6. I need to pick up the Lloyd-Jones book (though I’m SoM-ing out right now, with about six volumes for class). And I like Twain.

    *Word. “EB” is beeyootiful.

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