1. Steph and Hannah are in New York without me. I’m trying not to be bitter about this. (They’ll be on TRL today at 2:30, if anyone cares.)

2. I have a job interview today at 2:45, so if you guys could pray for me, I’d appreciate it greatly. 🙂

3. I’ve decided that part of what distinguishes a “good” person from a godly person is that good people are good at taking on the evil around them; godly people have the guts to take on the evil in themselves (and call it evil, not “issues” or “problems”). Discuss.

4. This article has turned me off to gummy bears once and for all. Egads.  (Warning: Some sexual content.)

5. On the other hand, I just read an article that said full-fat dairy products are good for women who are trying to get pregnant, so–there you have it, married ladies. Go eat a bowl of Blue Bell and have babies. (Or something.)


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