The T13 strikes back!

This week: 13 things you believe, both major and minor. (And feel free to disagree with any of my list.)

1. God is sovereign over all things, including suffering and sin.
2. Actually, see the whole Apostle’s and Nicene Creeds.

3. The Bible is entirely about Jesus, not us. Yes, that includes the Old Testament, thanks for asking.

4. Marriage is for life (but it’s not a sacrament, ahem).

5. Everyone ought to have equal opportunity to be well-educated.

6. Abortion is not the only moral issue in politics. It’s an important one, but not the only one.

7. Scotland is vastly underrated in its contributions to the world–for example, Presbyterianism, the Western historical novel (thanks, Sir Walter Scott), capitalism, Wellington boots, golf, Sean Connery, deep-fried pizza, anaesthetics, and, well, bagpipes. If you like that sort of thing.

8.  Speaking of Scots, James McAvoy will probably be the next “It” guy in Hollywood (and if he’s not, I will campaign for him).

9. Heart of Darkness should not be forced on high schoolers.

10. Ranch dressing is better than mayonnaise on post-Thanksgiving turkey sandwiches (for real–try it).

11. Rap music is a form of folk art and shouldn’t be disregarded by academics as much as it is.

12. If aliens exist, it is possible for Christ to have redeemed them, too (an idea stolen from C.S. Lewis’ Space Trilogy).

13. The Internet is a soul-sucking, necessary evil.


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