t13 and the temple of doom

This week: 13 rather obscure things that you really, really enjoy and want people to know about.

1. Over the Rhine–they’re a husband and wife group from Ohio that do a lot of jazzy, acoustic stuff (I can’t really classify their music outside of the category “good”). They just need to get down here to the South.

2. The Waco Co-Op–they’re a collective of bands from, you guessed it, Waco (mostly ex-Baylor students). Lots of free samples on their website.

3. El Gran Combo–sixtysomething Puerto Rican men singing salsa music. It’s like what would happen if the Three Tenors could shake their collective booty.

(P.S. I am of the opinion that this is perfect music to listen to before church. But maybe that’s just me.)

4. Tick…Tick…BOOM–Jonathan Larson, better known as the guy who wrote RENT, also wrote a semi-autobiographical musical that was produced off-Broadway a few years back, starring my theater crush, Raul Esparza. The soundtrack’s on iTunes; check it out.

5. D’s Chicken Delight–if you’re ever in the Waco area, swing over to 1503 Colcord and get yourself some falafel.

6. “In the Name of the Father”–Bono and Gavin Friday wrote this for a movie with Daniel Day-Lewis and Emma Thompson in the early ’90s, and it’s pretty genius:

(Sorry for all the YouTubage; I’ll try not to do that again.)

7. Questionable Content–indie rockers in (I think) Boston hang out and dialogue, with really funny results. Caution: The humor often goes inappropriate, so proceed carefully.

8. Etsy–this probably isn’t obscure to some of you, but for the rest of us, it’s an online marketplace where independent crafty-type people can sell their stuff, everything from bath salt to books to a category fondly known as “geekery”. Check it out.

9. Derek Webb sings the Oompa-Loompa song from Willy Wonka. (user name: shane, password: barnard. yes, I know).

10. Charles Spurgeon wrote a little something on the prayer of Jabez about 150 years ago, and it totally trumps that Wilkinson dude.

11. Two of my favorite bloggers need to be better known: Kay and Ann write about knitting, but with fun social commentary and a little bit of love as well. Non-knitters, do not fear; it’s pretty awesome.

12. Dang it, TeacherDave. A plague be upon your household. No pun intended.

13. Finally: Apologies for the bad MIDI music, but this is a beautiful hymn by John Newton, i.e. the “Amazing Grace” guy.


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