life in a fallen world

1. Proof that I am, in fact, an idiot: I left my phone in my jeans pocket, which I then proceeded to wash. And dry. I wouldn’t recommend trying to call any time soon. 😦

2. I finished a project that I’ve been working on for weeks…and my hands are about to fall off. Never, ever let me knit for that long again, please. I have the unfortunate feeling I will automatically have carpal tunnel when I wake up tomorrow.

3. That all being said, I have done almost nothing academic the past few days. Senioritis is setting in, and quickly, and I have no desire to do anything productive before school actually ends. You guys, I suck at life. Someone please pray for me or something.

4. I should be getting into the Word a lot more than I have been these days. And sleeping more. Y’all, I’m going to be a nervous wreck before I get out of here. *runs screaming from the room*

5. I’m just glad that my sanctification/happiness/blessedness is not contingent upon me, because if it was, I’d be screwed. You know what I mean?

6. Better post coming in the morning. Maybe. Good night.


5 thoughts on “life in a fallen world

  1. hannah s.

    i’m starting to understand #5 far more. and it is so beautiful to not be so terrified.

    may i recommend j. gresham machen’s “what is faith?” to you? you might not have time for it, but it really spoke to me. (that recent quote on my blog is from it.) i know you already went through a feeling-like-i’m-not-good-enough-to-be-a-Christian stage, but if you are feeling that way again (or needing some impetus to be more knowledgable about your faith or to read the Word more), you should read it. it is so good. i’m offering up prayers for you.

    also, you should check out the comment i left on your last post. because i don’t want you to miss the content therein.

  2. Steph

    ok, on a lighter note than hannah’s, because i’m in the process of some of the heavier stuff myself…

    we should’ve known that your phone would die, it’s name was tinkerbell…

  3. Hannah: Egads, thanks for that link; Machen will be checked out soon (and it’s not that I don’t think I’m good enough to be a Christian, it’s that I know, which has made a great deal of difference :)).

    Steph: The heavy stuff is the sucks, isn’t it. And the next one is going to be Peter freaking Pan.

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