what’s your drink?

(Inspired by this post at 52projects.com)

During a long night at the keyboard: black tea, strong with milk and sugar; Sunday mornings, before church: coffee with vanilla creamer from a humongous pump; during church: red wine (this is the blood of Christ, shed for you); after working out: water, then orange juice, then water again, with a shower; Saturday afternoons: cowboy coffee at Common Grounds; dinner at home: Diet Coke, no ice; Christmas: mint hot chocolate, or mulled wine when I’m not living with my parents; Texas summer: McAllister’s Deli sweet tea, or lemonade from Chick-Fil-A; writing workshops: margarita on the rocks; Scotland: instant coffee, with biscuit crumbs and chocolate at the bottom of the cup; before bed: 2% milk; Thanksgiving: unsweetened tea (the grandma has diabetes); watching movies with Karen: rum and Coke; watching movies with the roommates: Coke sans the rum; parties with seminarians: red wine.


2 thoughts on “what’s your drink?

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