the t13 goes to jail

This week: 13 favorite cartoon or comic strip/book characters.

1. Gonzo, Muppet Babies.

2. Marten and Pintsize, “Questionable Content”.

3. The Warner Brothers (and the Warner Sister), Animaniacs.

4. Freakin’ Pinky and the Brain (brain, brain, brain…NARF).

5. Dogbert, “Dilbert”.

6. Marvin the Martian.

7. The turtles, Finding Nemo.

8. The girl from Spirited Away.

9. Okay, this is a little embarassing, but Larry the Cucumber, VeggieTales.

10. GusGus the mouse, Cinderella.

11. Belle, Beauty and the Beast.

12. The brother in Fullmetal Alchemist who’s trapped in the armor…I think only anime crazy people would know that one, but there you go.

13. Bubs, Homestar


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