when we arrive, sons and daughters…

I’m in the library trying to concentrate on writing a paper and IT’S NOT WORKING. I probably should have stayed at home so I at least wouldn’t be tempted to read everyone’s blog archives just to avoid doing work. This is sad and terrible. Thus, this will be a long, rambly blog post, probably, with miscellaneous thoughts from me as I write things that are completely off-the-cuff.

Have you ever had a moment where you just get overwhelmed with your need to pray? Like, all of a sudden your mind just starts going off talking to God? I had one of those on my way over here–I was crossing the street and suddenly I started praying for the church in Seattle, of all places, and especially this church, and it turned into this long, babbling prayer for missions and the church in Waco (I had a moment of conviction that was very interesting). The wind blows where it wishes. It’s funny; the American church could probably use some prayer in general these days.

Dang. I want to go to this. It’s the very last week of class. Road trip?

I am human and I need to be loooooved (JUST LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE DOES).

*fiddles with the margins in my screenplay* Have I told y’all I’m writing another one? Yeah. It’s cranking along quite nicely when I actually work on it–it’s already at 38 pages and I’m not even halfway through the second act yet. This one should actually make it to full-length status, hopefully. We’ve still got a cussing pastor and a rock show to work in. (Don’t ask.)

I feel like I should be doing Sabbath more. It’s better for my soul that way.

My roommate’s making dinner tonight, which makes me happier than you probably understand. Sarah makes some killer King Ranch chicken casserole. If I could upload it for you all to have a bite, I would. But that could get kind of messy. Oddly enough, now I’m thinking about lasagna.

Oh! RUF’s going down to Gatesville to watch a drive-in movie tonight. Should be fun. I’ve never been to a drive-in before and it’s something like $10/car. My dad told me once that he and his buddies used to sneak people in by stuffing them in the trunk–somehow, I don’t think we’ll be doing that tonight. 🙂

Hannah, I’m reading your blog archives, which is an endless source of entertainment for me. I’m not sure why, except I like your writing style.

The song referenced in the post title is by the Decemberists, and is probably my new favorite song of theirs merely because it uses the word “dirigible.”

Note to self: Make/buy/somehow obtain more cardigans. It’s always cold in the library…I like having my arms covered up most of the time anyway…and they’re easily knittable. I don’t know why I only have one.

DEATH BY COMPUTER ACCOUTREMENT! *pulls out USB drive and brandishes it at people*  (Don’t ask. Just don’t ask.)

*falls asleep on desk*

On iTunes I found a cover of U2’s “The Sweetest Thing” by an Irish primary school choir. They’re really cute when they try to hit the high notes.

OKAY ENOUGH. *logs off to go read*


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