youtube madness.

Y’all know I love U2–I love Bono and The Edge, of course–but I think Larry and Adam are vastly underrated and deserve a little more attention, you know? Even Bono’s said that they’re the ones that keep the band together, that keep everyone sane, and you know, I think they’re right. That being said, I’m also starting to love REM (not even kidding), and so this video makes me really happy:

I also think Viggo Mortensen’s still very underrated, even after the Lord of the Rings boom, and this is why he shouldn’t be, for sure:

happy friday.

1. Good morning, readers. Yes, I am skipping a class right now; yes, my professor has already put together our participation grades, so it doesn’t really matter. And my second class today was cancelled. My life is awesome right now.

2. I started applying to jobs at the library, which would be a great job, and the pay’s pretty decent as well. Prayers are appreciated for that–I’m really going to need a job that won’t drive me reasonably insane after eight months, and, I don’t know, being a library drone sounds like a good path for me right now.

3.The guys (and a couple of ladies) over at The Resugrence have started a podcast called The Heidelberg Project in which they read a section of the Heidelberg Catechism every week. They’ll be keeping this up for the rest of the year, which is great; they’re on week 16 already, and the sections build on each other, so if you want to get in on it, I suggest starting from the beginning. The Heidelberg’s a beautiful piece of theology–not only solid doctrine, but great writing and beautiful truths as well. My favorite Q&A is #1, personally.

4. Everybody wants to go to heeeaaaven–but nobody wants to diiiiiiiieee (thanks, Dave Crowder).

5. The end of the year’s coming swiftly, which is kind of freaking me out a bit, as it is the rest of my brothers and sisters in arms, so we’re all sort of wandering around dazed and confused. It’s fantastic. Give us coffee or a hug or something if you see us.

t13: “Lame on!” edition

Saturday marks the third annual Embrace the Lame Day, a holiday begun by my friend Teacher Dave. Basically, it celebrates our love for what is usually considered “lame” or geeky, and gives us all the opportunity to find out that hey, other people like this stuff, too. It’s not that bad.

He’s trying to make this as big as that “all your base are belong to us” thing was, or the “Numa Numa” dance. So please contribute by posting on your website, or in my comments, or maybe even in HIS comments, because this week: 13 things that are kinda lame that you love anyway.

1. Blooper reels–there’s something inexplicably funny to me about people screwing up their lines. I can’t explain it.

2. Those of you who’ve been around The Living Room a while (and by the way, there’s more pie in the kitchen) know that I’m an obsessive listmaker–well, I got a notebook and labelled it “the book of lists”. It’s gotten that bad, kids.

3. The TV show Angel. Yes, I mean the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spinoff. It’s all my roommate’s fault.

4. The behind-the-scenes features on DVDs.

5. My friend Chelsey is going to a Harry Potter convention this summer–and I am jealous.

6. I have not one, but TWO Justin Timberlake songs in my iTunes collection.

7. There’s a Facebook group called “I Will Go Out of My Way to Step on That Slightly Crunchy-Looking Leaf”.

8. I have a program that keeps track of how many keystrokes I produce. I will do some things just to get my count up. It’s a little sick.

9. Inside the Actors Studio.

10. Seventeenth-century literature–that Ben Jonson, he’s so dreamy…

11. Ninjas. Robots. NINJA ROBOTS!

12. You know, a lot of people don’t really like Robin Williams, but how can you not think this is funny (warning: lots of profanity):

13. And then there’s this (again, my roommate’s fault):

somewhere for me to put my side thoughts while i work on my $#&*! paper

This might turn into one of those scary stream-of-consciousness things really quickly. You have been forewarned.

I’ve decided that one of my favorite things in the whole world is a guy in a suit–and not just any suit, but one that fits him well and is in a color that looks good on him (my dad, for example, looks really good in navy blue; sadly, I haven’t been able to persuade him of that. Yet…). Bonus points if he has a pocket square and/or really good shoes and/or a non-white shirt (unless he looks better in a white shirt) and/or a hat. Any guy, no matter how good- or bad-looking he is, automatically looks better in a suit. I’m dead serious about this. Any prospective suitors (ha…), keep that in mind. (For proof: The Sartorialist.)

Also, not every dude can pull off a bow tie–actually, most dudes can’t pull off a bow tie–but those who can, should.

I really, really like footnotes.

Oh, oh, I just got the e-mail from Teach for America and–I didn’t get the job. And you want to know something? I’m not entirely disappointed. Ever since I walked out of that interview I had the feeling, and over the past few weeks I have seriously been feeling less and less attracted to it. So, I guess God kind of shut that door because there’s another one He wants me to go through. And that’s just fine with me.

So now I’m looking at this. It looks kind of exciting.

Know what’s really frustrating? When you’ve nearly exhausted everything you can say on a topic, and you’re still seven pages short of where your paper needs to be. *sigh*

Okay. I think I need to stop for the day before my head explodes. Thanks for bearing with me, guys.

T13 and the last crusade

This week: 13 things you like to eat. (I’ve been stressed, which means I’ve been thinking about food…no wonder I’m gaining weight, lol. I apologize if I make anyone hungry.)

1. The portobello mozzarella panini at Panera.

2.  Spaghetti and any kind of tomato sauce.

3. Quesadillas.

4. Blue Bell vanilla + strawberries + chocolate syrup.

5. My dad makes this really good vegetable soup–I mean, it’s just a bunch of canned goods with some ground beef added, but it’s so good. Really.

6.  Post-Thanksgiving turkey sandwiches.

7. Cinnamon-vanilla yogurt (which, for some reason, I can only find at HEB).

8. Roasted chicken.

9. Denise Johnston’s cornbread. I need to get the recipe for that, because seriously, people, it’s amazing.

10.  A good crunchy apple.

11. My roommate makes excellent chicken parmigiana…

12. Pita bread and hummus (which was my lunch for a solid month while I was in Edinburgh–it was great).

13. Umm, mashed potatoes. With garlic and no gravy.

new post.

(starting music: DC Talk – What If I Stumble)

1. ^ That’s right, everyone–rockin’ it old-school. I’m having a lot of middle school flashbacks right now.

2. Today’s my roommate and buddy Ashley’s birthday; today she officially enters twentysomethinghood. Welcome to the club. 🙂

3. I’m sorry, fair readers, that I’ve been in something of a blog slump lately, but these last few weeks of school (holy cow, I’m graduating in less than a month) are, and will continue to be, extremely busy. Four papers (including a twenty-five-pager), a presentation, two books, and a whole host of senior events to go to (not to mention parties) mean that I will be somewhat preoccupied for a while. T13s and the occasional random thought will probably go up, but until the 30th I’ll be pretty swamped. Thanks for being understanding.

4. Isn’t it funny how we bloggers feel like we always have to be churning out material? Strange.

5. I went over to my friends the Johnstons’ house yesterday, and ever since then I’ve been thinking about cornbread, and marriage, and why people seem to have better conversation when they eat together. Big mishmash of topics, I know, but that’s what going over to their house does to me. It’s all their fault. I’ll have to explain later.

6. Reader survey, because I haven’t done one of these in a phenomenally long time:

a) What are you reading these days, and do you like it?
b) What’s one thing you learned in high school?
c) If you were randomly given $50,000 and a plane ticket, where would you want to go?
d) When was the last time you talked to your parents?

t13 goes to camp

This week: 13 trendy/popular things you’re just not into.

1. Skinny jeans.

2. Grey’s Anatomy (although, strangely enough, my dad likes it).

3. Leggings and mini-skirts.

4. Crocs.

5. American Idol.

6. Bright Eyes (okay, maybe this is only trendy amongst us indie rock folks. But seriously, Bright Eyes sucks).

7. Empire-waisted tops (most of the time they make me look pregnant).

8. The tendency towards long shirts (not good for short-legged ladies like myself).

9.  Fur anything. Just, no.

10. Anna Nicole obsession.

11. Laguna Beach (seriously? another show about spoiled rich kids?)

12. Ugg boots, especially when combined with #3.

13. The whole RED Campaign (long story for why I’m not into it, but yeah. I’m not, really).

music check.

Because I don’t have anything better to post (yeah, that “good post” I promised last week isn’t going to work now). You guys all know the drill.

1. Counting Crows – Big Yellow Taxi

2. Waterdeep – His Banner Over Me

3. The Innocence Mission – Today

4. Bob Dylan – Beyond the Horizon

5. Jars of Clay – Needful Hands

6. Sean Chandler – CGR Boys (…….)

7. David Crowder Band – (A Quiet Interlude)

8. Simon & Garfunkel – The Only Living Boy in New York

9. Rich Mullins – Brother’s Keeper

10. Ben Folds – Zak and Sara

11. Death Cab For Cutie – A Movie Script Ending

12. Jars of Clay – Surprise

13. Steven Delopoulos – Here I Go Again

14. Caedmon’s Call – There’s a Stirring

15. Johann Sebastian Bach – Chorale “Sleepers Awake”  from Cantata 140

16. The Juliana Theory – Liability

17. Bob Dylan – The Times TheyAre A-Changin’

18. Anna Nalick – Breathe (2AM)

19. Counting Crows – American Girls

20. Wayne Watson – Don’t You Remember

a brain dump before i write something serious later

1. You know, as funny as this sounds, I’m not really a poetry person. I mean, I like poetry, I consider myself fairly competent/familiar with it, I write some of my own, too, but I’m not as into it as I am with prose or drama. Give me a well-written novel and I will proceed to devour the thing.

2. Current reads: Pride and Prejudice (oh baby), Life of Pi (second time–I love it, even if its theology sucks in a big way. I’ve discovered that a book’s worldview can be completely pagan, but I’ll like it if it’s written well. I don’t know if that’s good or not).

3. Proof that my life is a sitcom…actual dialogue that just happened:

Dad: Honey.

Me: Yeah?

Dad (mock-serious): I need you to know something.

Me: Okay.

Dad: Chickens are the only animals without nasal passages.

Me: That’s good to know…

Dad: I knew you needed to know that.

(…and scene.)

4. I went to a Tenebrae service last night at Kaleo…wow. I’d never been to one before, and I have to say, it’s a great opportunity to meditate on the cross. I mean, we go into celebratory mode too soon in the Easter season in evangelicalism; sometimes we need to meditate on the darker parts of the story. “For every sin on Him was laid…”

5. Look for a longer post later. I’ve got one brewing that I hope will be good.

“and eternal light, shine on us,” we sing,
except it’s in latin, so none of us really know
or care what we’re saying, except the alto
next to me, who isn’t looking at the score or
the conductor anymore, but at the ceiling
chandeliers, light and crystal filling

her eyes–or is it emotion, some untold joy that fills
up her sight with tears? i keep going–breathe, sing:
“et lux perpetua, luceat eis,” my voice hitting ceiling
and floor and wall with the others, all these i don’t know
except by sight and sound, not name or
life–but I keep hearing this woman, this alto

next to me, and despite myself i raise my tenor to her alto
and for a moment i let our harmony fill
my lungs, trying to find some point or
line of intersection with her, because she sings
like a communicant in this church, who knows
something the rest of us don’t, something past the ceiling,

some great mystery even beyond the ceiling
that i want to solve–but now it’s a new movement and the alto
section’s quiet, so i really don’t know
how to move on with this, but the baritones fill
the air with their rumbling: “et in terra,” they sing,
“pax ominibus, bonae voluntatis,” some phrase or

something from (i think) the vulgate, or
is it just from the mass? i look for answers from the ceiling,
which is silent, but i just shrug softly and keep singing.
“pie Jesu domine, dona eis requiem”–and the alto
just cries next to me, a spark of something filling
her voice with a quiet fire, and suddenly i know,

i understand: this woman has known
darkness, and so she asks some god or
another for light and peace: “give them rest” fills
her not only her mouth but her lungs fill the ceiling
with the question–will we have it? her alto
resonates rich with pleading, and i sing

the same, i know this strange and holy song
too: or is this phrase filling
me with a prayer that never passes the ceiling?