t13 goes to camp

This week: 13 trendy/popular things you’re just not into.

1. Skinny jeans.

2. Grey’s Anatomy (although, strangely enough, my dad likes it).

3. Leggings and mini-skirts.

4. Crocs.

5. American Idol.

6. Bright Eyes (okay, maybe this is only trendy amongst us indie rock folks. But seriously, Bright Eyes sucks).

7. Empire-waisted tops (most of the time they make me look pregnant).

8. The tendency towards long shirts (not good for short-legged ladies like myself).

9.  Fur anything. Just, no.

10. Anna Nicole obsession.

11. Laguna Beach (seriously? another show about spoiled rich kids?)

12. Ugg boots, especially when combined with #3.

13. The whole RED Campaign (long story for why I’m not into it, but yeah. I’m not, really).


3 thoughts on “t13 goes to camp

  1. Emily G.

    I agree! With pretty much all of that!

    Well, I wear empire-waisted tops sometimes, but looking pregnant is always a risk, haha.

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