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(starting music: DC Talk – What If I Stumble)

1. ^ That’s right, everyone–rockin’ it old-school. I’m having a lot of middle school flashbacks right now.

2. Today’s my roommate and buddy Ashley’s birthday; today she officially enters twentysomethinghood. Welcome to the club. 🙂

3. I’m sorry, fair readers, that I’ve been in something of a blog slump lately, but these last few weeks of school (holy cow, I’m graduating in less than a month) are, and will continue to be, extremely busy. Four papers (including a twenty-five-pager), a presentation, two books, and a whole host of senior events to go to (not to mention parties) mean that I will be somewhat preoccupied for a while. T13s and the occasional random thought will probably go up, but until the 30th I’ll be pretty swamped. Thanks for being understanding.

4. Isn’t it funny how we bloggers feel like we always have to be churning out material? Strange.

5. I went over to my friends the Johnstons’ house yesterday, and ever since then I’ve been thinking about cornbread, and marriage, and why people seem to have better conversation when they eat together. Big mishmash of topics, I know, but that’s what going over to their house does to me. It’s all their fault. I’ll have to explain later.

6. Reader survey, because I haven’t done one of these in a phenomenally long time:

a) What are you reading these days, and do you like it?
b) What’s one thing you learned in high school?
c) If you were randomly given $50,000 and a plane ticket, where would you want to go?
d) When was the last time you talked to your parents?


4 thoughts on “new post.

  1. David

    a) Not much reading these days, with school. When possible: Fifteen Poets of the Aztec World, compiled by Miguel Leon-Portilla. I like it.

    b)In tenth grade I learned that some living people wrote good poems.

    c) Galicia. Or Kilwi Kisawani. Or the Canary Islands. Or Belo Horizonte. Or all of those places, on a very tight budget.

    d)Mom–this afternoon, about the Virginia Tech shootings. Dad–Friday, when he left Norman after a visit.

  2. 1. I broke out the “Jesus Freak” album to play before Sunday morning Bible study this week. Totally working it. Way to go us, thinking old school.

    2. Happy birthday Ash.

    3-4. At least you’re not getting angry letters from your concerned readership about it. *blatant blog plug*

    5. People make fun of Protestant Christians’ obsession with eating together, but there really is something about table fellowship that’s special.

    6. Yay!

    A) “JS&MN” is of course great; and I’m also reading a book called “Already Dead” which is a noir-flavored detective mystery whose protagonist is a vampire (basically Sam Spade crossed with a very cynical Lestat) dealing with other vampires in the dark alleys and side-streets of the NYC underworld. Pretty good stuff.

    B) That I shouldn’t try too hard to impress all of those people, because I’ll stop talking to 95% after graduation. (The same applies to college, BTW.)

    C) Tough choices. What’s sad is the first three places I thought of were domestic: Michigan, because my grandma is sick and I want to see her; Chicago, because my Cubbies are playing sick and I want to see them; and Mystery Location #3, because my heart is sick from missing someone and I want to visit her, as pathetic as that sounds.

    D) Had lunch with mom yesterday, and talked to my dad Sunday night.

  3. hannah

    a) I’m not reading anything for fun right now, but here are the contents of my “nighttime reading” stack on my bedside table (wishful thinking):
    You Look Awfully Like the Queen: Wit and Wisdom from the House of Windsor, by Thomas Blaikie [fun ridiculous anecdotes about the Queen being ridiculous]
    Three Philosophies of Life, by Peter Kreeft [recommended by a friend – have not picked it up yet]
    Troubling Deaf Heaven: Assurance in the Silence of God, by Jeannette Clift George [written by one of my favorite people and mailed to me by my mother. I am very much looking forward to this one.]
    In a Sunburned Country, by Bill Bryson [started this long ago, and look forward to finishing it]
    The Hawk and the Dove Trilogy, by Penelope Wilcock [read long ago, and crave reading it now; it’s about the grace of God, and I think you would love it.]


    b) IDEAS HAVE CONSEQUENCES! This was beaten into my brain. Ironically, this idea had the consequence of fueling my OCD-like tendencies.

    c) oh my. Right now, it’d be somewhere in Asia. Somewhere far from Western culture and consumerism.

    d) I called my mom earlier this afternoon, because she sent me an email saying “I’m officially worried: we haven’t talked in about two weeks, and I cannot get ahold of you. I’m about to call Covenant Security!” Poor Mom.

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