t13: “Lame on!” edition

Saturday marks the third annual Embrace the Lame Day, a holiday begun by my friend Teacher Dave. Basically, it celebrates our love for what is usually considered “lame” or geeky, and gives us all the opportunity to find out that hey, other people like this stuff, too. It’s not that bad.

He’s trying to make this as big as that “all your base are belong to us” thing was, or the “Numa Numa” dance. So please contribute by posting on your website, or in my comments, or maybe even in HIS comments, because this week: 13 things that are kinda lame that you love anyway.

1. Blooper reels–there’s something inexplicably funny to me about people screwing up their lines. I can’t explain it.

2. Those of you who’ve been around The Living Room a while (and by the way, there’s more pie in the kitchen) know that I’m an obsessive listmaker–well, I got a notebook and labelled it “the book of lists”. It’s gotten that bad, kids.

3. The TV show Angel. Yes, I mean the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spinoff. It’s all my roommate’s fault.

4. The behind-the-scenes features on DVDs.

5. My friend Chelsey is going to a Harry Potter convention this summer–and I am jealous.

6. I have not one, but TWO Justin Timberlake songs in my iTunes collection.

7. There’s a Facebook group called “I Will Go Out of My Way to Step on That Slightly Crunchy-Looking Leaf”.

8. I have a program that keeps track of how many keystrokes I produce. I will do some things just to get my count up. It’s a little sick.

9. Inside the Actors Studio.

10. Seventeenth-century literature–that Ben Jonson, he’s so dreamy…

11. Ninjas. Robots. NINJA ROBOTS!

12. You know, a lot of people don’t really like Robin Williams, but how can you not think this is funny (warning: lots of profanity):

13. And then there’s this (again, my roommate’s fault):


4 thoughts on “t13: “Lame on!” edition

  1. I hate that *$&^($%* Candy Mountain thing! (No offense, Manders and David. It’s just that my brain sometimes latches on to these sorts of bizarre things and won’t let go, and it grates on my memory. But I know plenty of people who love it as well.)

    But Inside the Actors Studio is not lame! Now, if you’d said you especially enjoy watching James Lipton, that might be another story… 🙂 I think I’ll do this on my blog.

    ps – I got a very exciting package in the mail today…!

  2. candy mountain IS lame, and inside the actors studio is NOT! but ok guys, the way that we sit around and discuss our favorite episodes in detail is kinda lame… my lame 13 to come…

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