happy friday.

1. Good morning, readers. Yes, I am skipping a class right now; yes, my professor has already put together our participation grades, so it doesn’t really matter. And my second class today was cancelled. My life is awesome right now.

2. I started applying to jobs at the library, which would be a great job, and the pay’s pretty decent as well. Prayers are appreciated for that–I’m really going to need a job that won’t drive me reasonably insane after eight months, and, I don’t know, being a library drone sounds like a good path for me right now.

3.The guys (and a couple of ladies) over at The Resugrence have started a podcast called The Heidelberg Project in which they read a section of the Heidelberg Catechism every week. They’ll be keeping this up for the rest of the year, which is great; they’re on week 16 already, and the sections build on each other, so if you want to get in on it, I suggest starting from the beginning. The Heidelberg’s a beautiful piece of theology–not only solid doctrine, but great writing and beautiful truths as well. My favorite Q&A is #1, personally.

4. Everybody wants to go to heeeaaaven–but nobody wants to diiiiiiiieee (thanks, Dave Crowder).

5. The end of the year’s coming swiftly, which is kind of freaking me out a bit, as it is the rest of my brothers and sisters in arms, so we’re all sort of wandering around dazed and confused. It’s fantastic. Give us coffee or a hug or something if you see us.


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