This week: In celebration of my graduation in two days (!), 13 random memories from college.

1. At the end of one semester, one of my classes decided to do the “O Captain, my Captain!” thing from Dead Poets Society and stand on our chairs…except Justin screwed it up by doing it at the beginning, not the end…it was awesome. Tim almost pulled him down while the rest of us were like, “Did he just do what I think he did?”

2. Several of us–and ironically, I don’t hang out with any of these people anymore–snuck into the clock tower on top of Draper and saw a whole view of the city…beautiful.

3. Steph came to visit one week, and the morning she left we ate breakfast together…and an hour later she called me and told me our mutual friend Hannah’s dad had passed away. Surreal and sad.

4. Playing Apples to Apples on our living room floor with my roommates and Adam and Landon at our Christmas party last semester.

5. Getting an e-mail from my screenwriting professor that told me that my finished script could use some work…but one scene made him cry. Best thing he could have said.

6. Multiple lunches after church at Olive Branch, or Clay Pot, or the Johnston’s house, or Rudy’s (“Barbecue is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy”).

7. Kacy and I got in a play fight or something and I chased her outside, and then shut the door (which automatically locked), which she then proceeds to try to break down by hitting it with her butt. So I hear all these thuds on the door, and then one big one, and a groan and “I BROKE MY A**!” I’m a little sad to say that instead of going out there and helping I stood there and giggled.

8. Jump-roping outside Memorial with the girls.

9. Steven Delopoulos, Sandra McCracken, and Derek Webb in concert spring semester (I think) of my sophomore year.

10. Our one NaNoWriMo gathering on the back porch of Common Grounds last semester.

11. Ethan Durelle concert at Blenderheads–all these people packed into a really small space, standing and nodding their heads, buying smoothies, while the boys rocked out.

12. Gluing glitter onto lost kid pants in the Holleymans’ backyard…trust me, that was plenty more bizarre than it sounds.

13. Breaking down crying in the middle of the SUB while I had a talk with Heidi.


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