so much for unpacking…

1. Screw unpacking; I’m going to blog instead. Happy Wednesday, good readers.

2. So, yes, last Saturday I graduated from college. Dr. Lilley’s pink-and-black attire comes from the fact that he is, oddly enough, a music performance major. Postbaccalaureate regalia amuses me to no end–all these academics in big velvet gowns and really incredible hats–to the point that I want a doctorate in something just so I can get the cool hat.

In all seriousness, it’s been weird being back home, knowing that I’ll be here a bit and then will get kicked out into the big wide world. In some cultures, women do in fact live with their parents until they get married, but in the culture of the McClendon house that would likely lead to insanity for all parties involved, so I’m carrying on my nomadic tendencies by anticipating only staying here until about January or so. It’s so strange how a place and the people you’ve been around your whole life can cease to feel like home just because you go off and get educated for four years. I love my family, and I love Houston, don’t get me wrong, but–it’s time to move on soon.

The sad thing is that I miss all the people and places I left behind in Waco. I miss Redeemer. I mean, I’d miss them during the summer, but this is a more permanent kind of missing, you know what I mean? I’m not going back for a semester or whatever. If I do, it’ll be for a weekend, or a day, and then so many people won’t be there when I am. We’re all scattering on the wind, like seeds, to places where we’ll put down roots and grow like trees by streams of water, but those places are so far apart from one another.

3. In other news, I lost my wallet somewhere–it’s either in my friend’s car or on the side of the road–so I’d appreciate prayers for finding it.

4. Well, this is certainly turning out to be a happy post, isn’t it? I can’t really think of much else to say–I wanted this to be a little more poetic/less melancholy than it is, but I suppose that’s my mood these days.

Wait, what’s that you say, Mr. YouTube?

Have a good evening.


2 thoughts on “so much for unpacking…

  1. That video makes me happy on so many levels.

    (By the way, it was officially announced that HIMYM was picked up for Season 3. Seriously, if you haven’t seen the show, go rent. now. go.)

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