(starting music: Caedmon’s Call – Love Alone)

1. File this under “this is probably a really bad idea”: In the fall ABC’s releasing a sitcom based on the Geico caveman commercials. Be afraid.

2. One really weird thing that not being in school has done to me is that I read much more slowly than I did. It’s taken me about twice as long to finish a book as it did then. I mean, granted, my reading pace is still somewhat comparatively quick, but still. It’s a little unnerving, especially when I have so many books staring me in the face wanting to get read. (And now Teacher Dave will probably come around and punch me for complaining about this…)

3. Still can’t find my wallet, which means I have a few phone calls and a trip to the DMV to make soon if it doesn’t show up. Good thing my social security card’s not in there. But this also means I’ve been more or less housebound (driving illegally is not cool, apparently), which is good in a way because my room’s getting really, really organized…

4. Funny thing: I couldn’t tell you any new praise and worship songs that have come out in the past few years (maybe “Hallelujah, God is Near” or something), but I can sing all these crazy old hymns. I heart being a Reformed kid.

5. I’ve been in a very strange letter-writing mood this week, so if you’d like mail, feel free to e-mail me your address and I’ll knock one out for you. (Also, is it just me, or is the price of postage getting slightly ridiculous?)

6. Finally…I know I post a lot of YouTubage, but I have put this one up purely for my soft spot for choral music:


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