lists, because i am bored and crazy.

Things, both academic and not-so-academic, I can do after having gone to college:
Explicate a piece of poetry. Write a screenplay. Open a bottle of wine. Make my way around Edinburgh without getting lost (actually, even though it’s been a year and a half, if you dropped me off on Princes Street I could still navigate the place). Understand T.S. Eliot, kind of. Find even more places to buy cheap books. Write a twenty-five page paper in two weeks, complete with research and editing. Tell and explain the entire “Allegory of the Cave”, complete with illustrations. Make bread. Knit. Write poetry in class while still looking like I’m paying attention. Explain Calvinism without confusing you or feeling like an idiot (or a jerk, for that matter). Roast a chicken.

What I still apparently can’t do:
Sit through a lecture on Nietzsche without falling asleep.

Things I really, really want right now:
A job. A piece of red velvet cake and a cup of coffee. A bike. A smaller waistline (which the red velvet cake isn’t really going to help, but there you go). More fear of the Lord.


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