it’s been a quiet week in cypress, my hometown…

1. It’s not anything like Lake Wobegon–too hot and not enough Lutherans–but the women are strong, the men are good-looking, and the children are above-average, at least at my house. *shrug*

2. Here’s a question: Ever noticed that there are a bunch of books of the Bible that never get preached through? Seriously, I have heard sermons on the Gospels, and Romans, and Ruth, and Ephesians, and even the book of Haggai for crying out loud (not even kidding), but there are whole sections of the Bible we never hear sermons on. There’s a challenge, all you preaching types: Next sermon series is on Obadiah or Numbers. All Scripture is God-breathed. 🙂

3. The reason I say all that is because I’m going through 1 Thessalonians and realized I’ve never heard anything preached on it, except maybe for that bit about the trumpet sounding and the dead in Christ rising. But it’s good stuff; Paul and Silas and Timothy are writing this church and saying, “Hey, we miss you, keep doing what you’re doing, we’ll try to see you soon; love Jesus and do your job.” That’s not all bad. Not a lot of lofty theological principles, but that’s not always a bad thing.

4. Isn’t it bad when you have stuff to do but you’re still bored? I need to get up off my butt and do stuff.

5. Finally, a reader survey:

a) What did you do with your long weekend?

b) If you could go to grad school (and had the desire), where would you go (or where did you go, if you went already)? What would you study?

c) What’s one thing you own that no one would guess you own?

d) What did you eat for dinner last night?

e) What’s something you want to buy but can’t afford?


9 thoughts on “it’s been a quiet week in cypress, my hometown…

  1. answers to survey:

    a) watched the indy 500 yesterday (great race), and filled out job app’s all day today.

    b) for grad school, i’d probably study history, and no clue where i’d want to go. somewhere in the south east i guess.

    c) hm, two seasons of angel, haha.

    d) breakfast for dinner!

    e) a mac! and an iphone when they come out.

  2. a) went camping all weekend! (which would by my reason for not having my phone on me)

    b) i would go to American or somewhere in the east. Either that or somewhere in Washington (state)and i would study history

    c) two celine dion cds

    d) grilled hamburgers and roasted corn on the cob

    e) a new car, a stereo, acl tickets (which I’m working on)

    thought i’d drop in!

  3. a) rested, hung out with my fam.

    b) I’d study library science at Alabama.

    c) a Jerry Garcia cabbage patch doll.

    d) stuffed pork chops, applesauce and green beans.

    e) a spendy sewing machine, lenses for my camera, a macbook…

  4. Since the other half of Sarica popped in, I thought I’d do the same *waves*

    a)didn’t really get one – Baylor doesn’t celebrate holidays if they fall before the start of a new term 😦

    b)I’m starting to look at that choice (yuck) and I haven’t got a clue. I’d study Russian, though.

    c)Depends on who’s guessing – I have too many personality conflicts…

    d)fajitas from the HEB bag

    e) rotary cutter and a fancy cutting mat, a house…

    Please don’t cease the amusing blog-ness when you’re all gainfully employed and adult-like, k? My day would be sad without thelivingroom

  5. a) Long weekend at a beach retreat in Corpus Christi, followed by two days off work spent watching movies and destroying/organizing my house (still not done).

    b) If I could get in (my grades for major coursework are not good enough, sadly), I’d go to UH and study Creative Writing. Apparently they have a good program.

    c) Judging from the state of my house, I don’t know–a vacuum? A trash can? Storage boxes? Self-control at the CD/DVD store?

    d) A BBQ grilled chicken sandwich at Logan’s Roadhouse.

    e) I’d like a laptop computer, since my desktop (which I am still thankful for) is very old and very slow. And yeah, that “house” thing mentioned above, that would be good. And having my debts paid off.

  6. a) Hung out / got all packed up at school (and saw Chris Thile in concert), then came home on Sunday!
    b) I don’t have the grades, but if for whatever reason I did, I’d study theatre production (probably an acting or directing track) at — well, I don’t know where, really. Someplace beautiful and thriving, preferably.
    c) an Army-themed Barbie.
    d) hmm…I am trying to remember…you know what, I honestly CAN’T remember. So here’s what I had the night before last: spinach salad with strawberries, grilled chicken, sliced almonds, and raspberry vinegrette. That’s the way to eat your veggies.
    e) practical: a car.
    non-practical: a trip to Europe, or Asia, or actually both.

  7. a) Drive from Long Beach to Houston, unexpectedly.
    b) Oxford. Poetry.
    c) Sexy man-lingerie. Ha ha.
    d) Cashews and vegan tamales.
    e) Walt Whitman broadside (only $90,000).

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