This week: 13 things in your closet that aren’t clothes.

1. My whole collection of American Girl books.

2. The comforter I used at college (but can’t use here because it’s a twin).

3. A box of my old Barbies.

4. An American flag pillow.

5. My yarn stash.

6. An old, broken-down laptop that would actually work if we could just find the power cord…

7. One of my old backpacks from high school.

8. When I was in elementary school, I did this thing called Music Memory–it was a competition where they’d play you about ten seconds worth of a classical or jazz piece and you had to identify the composer and the title. Anyway, I did it two years ago and won all manner of awards, and so they’re all in there on the floor.

9. Beach towel.

10. Hangers (cheap shot, I know, but still, they’re not clothing…)

11. A stash of gift bags.

12. My car insurance info (which needs to get out of there soon, actually…)

13. A friendly monster named Frank that tends to come out at night and eat my socks, which explains the shortage…


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