*whistles a happy tune*

(starting music: Over the Rhine – Show Me)

1. Thing the first: Yes, I’m still looking for a job. Anyone got any suggestions? If I don’t have one before the end of the month I’m making myself call Target, which I honestly don’t want to do, so any other options would be great. 😉

2. Thing the second: So, it’s Sunday, which always gets to thinking about how I can do Sabbath more. Anyone who has this same kind of ethos, what do you usually do on Sundays to make it special?

3. Thing the third: I’m thinking about trying out vegetarianism for a while. That, and I’m trying to be more conscious of how much energy I use and all that (the computer’s getting turned off here in a second). And I listened to NPR the whole way home from church today. All I need to do is get a tattoo and move to the Pacific Northwest or something (and maybe vote for Obama next fall) and I will have succeeded in getting most of my family to disassociate themselves from me. This may or may not be a bad thing. (I kid, I kid.)

4. But no, really, most of my family thinks I’m a crazy hippie anyway, so I can at least start acting on it, right? 😉

5. Okay, so, after being out of school for nearly a month my brain is in need of some stimulation that’s not Internet-related. I’m trying to read Watership Down right now (it’s about rabbits…I’m still not sure if I like it or not), and watch some intelligent movies, but…yes. I miss academia (and yet I don’t want to be a professor. Help). I’m thinking about editing up some of my old papers and trying to find journals or something to submit them to, so if anyone’s interested in reading a few pages on “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight” or the influence of Social Gospel ideology on Mark Twain’s work, let me know.

6. Good lord, I’ve become such a nerd. Save me.

7. Currents: Just watched A Prairie Home Companion (pretty good flick, not as good as the actual show, but we expected that) and Shadowlands (oh my word. Beautiful. Made me cry, and that’s rare) and Runaway Jury. I’m still running through my whole iTunes library and I’m in the Os (currently on Over the Rhine’s Ohio, which is a lovely, lovely 2-disc album…highly recommended). Reading Watership Down, like I said (I’m alternating “serious” books with the Harry Potter series…I know, I know). Uh. Working on this thing in a blue fuzzy acrylic yarn.

8. Um, well, it’s nearly midnight and the allergies are giving me a slight headache, so good night and good luck. Adieu.


3 thoughts on “*whistles a happy tune*

  1. Manders!

    First: I will read your papers, just email them to me, and I’ll try to get them back to you asap.

    Secondst: Educational reading materials: Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs by Chuck Klosterman (if you haven’t read it, then go get it); A Primer on Postmodernism by Stanley J. Grenz (might be hard to find in a store. try ordering online. it’s life shattering…kinda)

    Thirdst: Movies: Waking Life (if you haven’t seen this already shame on you); Idiocricy (funny and scary all at the same time! the future is closer than you think!)

    Fourthstst: Music: I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody’s Business by I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody’s Business; Z by My Morning Jacket; Writer’s Block by Peter, Bjorn and John (yes there should be a second comma after Bjorn, but that’s how they do it); or you could always just bust out a little Sufjan Stevens.

    Have fun!

  2. Shannon and I are trying to be intentional about Sabbath, and have decided to celebrate ours from sundown on Saturday to Sundown on Sunday. We’ve got a short liturgy we’re using for the meal on Satuday night, including candlelighting, breaking bread, and wine. Want to join us sometime soon? I can tell you more of what we’re doing. It hasn’t been easy, and has meant radically altering the rhythm of our lives – which is the point, as it turns out. 😉

    Also, I only recently discovered NPR, and I’m hooked. Political commentary, news that isn’t over in 20 seconds, and good classical music. I’m in heaven.

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