Or, why I love the Internet, even if it will eventually kill me:


6 thoughts on “*chuckle*

  1. So many people said that scene was lame, but I thought it was brilliant in its straight-faced goofiness. And you know every single person watching was hearing “Stayin’ Alive” in their heads.

  2. hannah

    oh man. wish i could’ve seen this before i spent $7.50 on that movie. it might’ve changed my tune. 🙂
    (this was one of my favourite parts, though. i just kept going “really, sam? really?” usually raimi knows what he’s doing, but…wow. teacherdave, i respectfully disagree. the evil-ness of the suit was emptied of its power when it just produced this goofy result in peter.)

  3. see, i think that’s the point, Hannah. the black suit made him more selfish and self-destructive (amplified his childishness), but to be “evil” he would have had to be inherently villainous (like Eddie Brock, I guess).

    Yes, I’m making excuses. There’s a reason I haven’t reviewed the movie yet; i wanna start liking it again first.

  4. hannah

    hmm. that is actually the best explanation i’ve heard for that element of the movie. to watch it, i’d have thought the writers had gotten together and said “you know what this movie needs? more in-your-face comedy. yeah. where can we fit it in? ooh! tobey dancing is always funny. let’s just make him a funny dance machine when the suit’s on him.” etc. that does make sense, but if that was the intent of the filmmakers, i don’t think it came across so well. i just couldn’t take that “evil peter” very seriously at all.

  5. hannah

    just realized i didn’t completely finish my thought: i couldn’t take “evil peter” seriously, whereas his spiderman persona is strong and, frankly, awe-inspiring, i think. the two aren’t equal in that respect, so it seemed more unrealistic than if “evil peter” had been a bit more fearsome. ok the end. 🙂

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