1. The thought occurs to me that we Protestants are angry, reactive folks–or reactive, at the very least–by default. I mean, think about the root word of Protestant, protest, and what we’ve been doing since Luther nailed the theses up on that door–nay, since Wycliffe thought it was a good idea for people to read the Bible in their native tongue. And ever since then we’ve been fighting for something, whether it be political power (the Reformation eventually ended up as much a political revolution as much as a religious one, which I in turn blame on Constantine…but that’s another post) or ecclesiastical changes or even social changes (this phenomenon probably explains the Religious Right, *sigh*). And we fight about things with each other. We’re fighters. No wonder there are so many different kinds of us. No wonder the Catholics think we’re ridiculous. No wonder the world thinks we’re crazy. No wonder we fight so many wars. I don’t know if this is good or bad.

We should fight for and about certain things, and rightly so–the gospel, for example, and the health and the purity of the church, which I think most of us do so about. But we have to be careful to fight about what’s actually important, and to do so “with gentleness and respect”.

2. I have to promote this, because it’s actually really good: Andrew Osenga, i.e. the guy who took Derek’s place in Caedmon’s/used to be the frontman for The Normals, just put out an EP yesterday (he wrote and recorded the whole thing in less than a month), which is available for free download as a .zip file here (although he would appreciate it if you chip in a few bucks if you can). It’s good. For real. He’s one of my favorite singer-songwriters and I think most of you will like him, too.

3. I think I was going to say something else, but it decided to escape through my ears. If I catch it, I’ll bring it back in a jar and show it to you.


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