thursday thirteen

This week: 13 things that, if you could, you would ban.

1. Celebrity culture–let them act, let them make music, let them play sports, but for Pete’s sake, don’t give them 80 million dollars and news time to do so.

2. Hummers.

3. MySpace pages owned by anyone under the age of 18/who refuses to use correct grammar/who has really obnoxious music or backgrounds that render the text unreadable.

4. Fighting on the Internet. Proper debate, fine; rounds of “you’re stupid!”, absolutely not.

5. Any high-school-type drama that has somehow transferred to college.

6. Any further writing of fiction books about the end times. Left Behind filled the dispensationalist quota for good, and amillennialism or postmillennialism don’t make for very compelling plot lines. 🙂

7. Most of reality TV. Not all of it, just most of it.

8. Infomercials.

9. Whose brilliant idea was it to start the presidential races this early? Cut it out.

10. Allowing people to take their young children into PG-13 or R movies.

11.  Shows on MTV that don’t play music videos.

12. Road construction in Houston until the year 2027, so we can at least get a break for a while. (Finish what you’re doing, then quit.)

13. Comic Sans. No kidding.


2 thoughts on “thursday thirteen

  1. Ooh, #2 is a big pet peeve of mine! Someone who worships at our church drives one and I’d love to ask them if they truly think that’s what Jesus would have them drive.

    I’ll have to disagree with you about #8. I’ve discovered several great fitness videos through infomercials that have helped me learn to love working out.

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