and we’re still fighting it, we’re still fighting it…

1. Apropos to the title, I start work tomorrow (well…today, now, I guess). Back at Target.  Shouldn’t be too bad now that I’ve gotten kind of better at it. 🙂 So it’s not so much that Im fighting it (not the job, anyway); these days it’s more the “everybody knows it sucks to grow up…” that’s been getting to me.
2. Here’s a thought that’s been boggling my mind for a month or so now: Not only is time a created thing, but so is space. This may seem fairly obvious, and it also obviously leads to the possibility of God being omnipresent, but also–outside of creation, there is no concept of space, at least probably not in the way we think of space. God isn’t limited by left or right or up or down. Like I said, this is fairly obvious, but the idea that there were no such things as physical dimensions before God made them makes my head hurt a little bit.

3.  Harry Potter madness has set in a bit–I’ve been re-reading the series in anticipation of the last book, which comes out next month, but I need to take a break soon, as I’ve been having dreams about them lately. It’s making my head feel like mashed potatoes. (This is a weird side effect of having just graduated, although I think it may just be me–I mostly want to read fluff these days. Maybe I need some time to decompress all the “serious” books I’ve been consuming for the past four years?)

4. I’ve been trying to study for the GRE, which I haven’t registered for yet (going to find out my work schedule before that happens). The ridiculous part is that I haven’t used math more complicated than basic arithmetic for nearly four years, and so every time I study it my brain starts going, “DANGER! DANGER, WILL ROBINSON!” Help.

5.  Finally, if y’all could, please be praying for my #2 nephew–we’ve found out he probably has some sort of rare disorder, since the bones and cartilage in his hip is apparently eroding somehow. Little guy turns 9 in November.

In fact, how can we all be praying for you? (I say this assuming everyone who reads me is a believer, which may not be the case–if you’re not, then I think we all know how to pray for you. Beware. :))


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