(Happy summer solstice, by the way.)

This week: 13 random things that can be found in your bedroom.
1.  A voodoo doll (it was given to me by two of my friends for my birthday–I lost the pins somewhere, and it’s not like I’m going to be using it anyway).

2. A copy of The Purpose-Driven Life (my grandparents gave all of us a copy for Christmas a few years back…).

3. More than one calculator. I can’t explain this, either.

4. I still have my Korean passport, even though it obviously expired the moment I became an American citizen–it’s pinned up on my bulletin board.

5. A small collection of Jones Soda bottles, some of which are acting as vases.

6.  A postcard I picked up at an Edinburgh bar that says, “CAUTION! BEARS. They’re Hard As Coffin Nails.” (I found it amusing mostly because of my alma mater’s mascot. Sic ’em, indeed.)

7. A tall green cup full of knitting needles.

8.  A stack of old cassette tapes. A sampling: Psalty’s Non-Stop Sing-Along (does anyone else remember Psalty?), Steven Curtis Chapman’s Signs of Life, and The Chipmunks Christmas Album. I’m not entirely sure why I’m keeping all of this stuff, except for sentimental value.

9. A jar that previously held 4 pounds worth of Jelly Bellys–now it’s the home of all my loose change.

10. More pairs of scissors than is probably reasonable…

11. Library books.

12. A Netflix DVD.

13.  This massive collage I did with stuff I picked up in Edinburgh. Like, you don’t understand, it’s pretty big…


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