well, i’m back.

1. Truth be told, I cheated and got back online sometime last week, so some break that was. Hello, readers.

2. I’ve got a (hopefully) interesting post in the works–I was going to wait until Advent, but I think I might put it up later on. Keep your eyes peeled.

3. So, at work, I started a new position that requires me to be awake at 4 o’clock. In the morning. The work itself is all right, my co-workers are nice, and it pays $7; it’s just the wonky hours that make it interesting. Needless to say, though, my body has had a rough time adjusting, since, after all, for a while before I started I was going to sleep at 4 a.m. 😉 The first week was like having killer jet lag, honestly, but now that I’m kind of used to it, it’s not so bad.

4. This is so embarrassing to say, but I have had Harry Potter on the brain in a really bad way for about a month. I’ve had dreams involving the characters. I’ll be getting the book early next Saturday morning and probably devouring it the rest of the day. Yes, I realize this makes me a huge nerd, at least in the eyes of those of you who haven’t read the books or seen the movies…the rest of you will understand. 🙂 Harry Potter’s such an odd phenomenon–what other book can you think of out there that would cause so much international camaraderie, or so much public controversy? I can’t think of many. Maybe Left Behind. 😉

5. So. I’ve been having a hard time spiritually lately, trying to find that balance between resting on grace and taking responsibility for living out that grace, trying to believe what God says about me, trying to get more into the Word. And again, I know that it’s not contingent upon me, but I can still always see where I fail, where I need to be more consumed with the Gospel. My friend Hannah sent out a request for prayer for peace and perseverence; I think I could use the same.

6. Frivolous switch: I really want to see this (which could either be really good or really cheesy), this (both for the lit-geek factor and for James McAvoy ;)), and this (Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe in the same movie can’t be a bad thing).


5 thoughts on “well, i’m back.

  1. amy

    have you seen the most recent harry potter movie yet? i saw it today. i’m not quite as obsessed with it as you are 🙂 but i do enjoy the books and the movies.

  2. I’ll be reading the books this fall all the way through, but I saw the latest film yesterday. I think it’s the best one yet, which makes me eager to read the books, as the stories seem to get better and better.

  3. I commpletely understand the Harry Potter madness. I saw the movie twice in two days and have started reading the books over again.

    I have the seventh book being shipped to my house on Saturday but I’m working from 1-10 so I won’t be able to read it soon enough.

    Check your mail in two days or so.

    I said something about Harry Potter but I wasn’t sure if you were a Harry Potter person or not. And now I know.

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