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1. Loud congratulations to my blog buddies Bryce and Ashley on the birth of their first kid, a little boy named Ezra Chalmers. *throws confetti*

2. Man. I don’t know why, but this week I have been missing Baylor folks so much it hurts. Maybe it’s been talking to some of you guys on the phone; maybe it’s been listening to sermons from my church there. Maybe it’s because Waco now feels more like home than home does sometimes. Or it could just be my continued lack of sleep. I don’t know. But I miss you.

3. I have the weirdest combination of songs stuck in my head: Andrew Bird’s cover of Dylan’s “Oh Sister”, “Hold the Light” from the new Caedmon’s Call album, and Daft Punk’s “Technologic” (you know, “Buy it build it fix it burn it” and so forth). Weird weird weird. The last combination of songs I had led to the “Boots of Spanish Leather (Timbaland remix)”, so be very afraid.

4. I recently unearthed a letter from some folks from Scotland (go T-Unit CU small group ’05) and now I miss them, too, haha.

5. Umm. That’s all I have…

thursday 13

this week: 13 favorite fictional characters, part 2. (part 1 is here–yep, apparently has all my blog archives. i can’t transfer it over, but they’re there.)

1. William Miller (Almost Famous)

2. The whole Weasley clan, even Percy (the Harry Potter series).

3. Meyer Landsman (The Yiddish Policeman’s Union).

4.  Dr. Ransom (the Space trilogy).

5.  Sam (Benny and Joon)

6. Cameron (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off)

7.  Elizabeth Bennett (Pride and Prejudice)

8. Janie (Their Eyes Were Watching God)

9. Dr. Vivian Bearing (Wit)

10. Fred, Gunn, and Wesley (Angel)

11. Jayne and Kaylee (Firefly)

12. Sully and Boo (Monsters Inc.)

13. Dusty and Lefty (A Prairie Home Companion)


reading: Lord help me, I’m reading Walden. Well, and I’m Just Here for More Food by Alton Brown, which is about baking, and I think this officially makes me a dork.

listening: Derek Webb, sermons from my Waco church, random podcasts

drinking: Too much caffeine, and IBC root beer (yum).

pondering: Globalization, simplification, why I’m not getting any sleep, taking a road trip in the near future, graduate school, the gospel’s reach into life (in other words, nothing’s changed).  Oh, and mix CDs.

things that are currently blowing my mind

1. This trailer, and how well Cate Blanchett does in it:

2. A neurological phenomenon called synesthesia, which causes people’s senses to be linked together so they can see music, or taste colors, or assign personalities to letters and numbers.  (Seriously–this is a documented, studied condition, and it amazes me that the human brain is capable of that kind of behavior.)

well, you know i got trouble…

(starting music: Caedmon’s Call – Trouble…it’s on the new album, free download is here, and it’s good)

1. ^ On that track, Derek Webb and Andrew Osenga sing together on a Caedmon’s album for the first time, like, ever, and they’re doing a show on Sunday night, which I plan on attending–there are rumors of their bringing back the trash cans. (If you don’t get that…go listen to “Thankful” and call me in the morning.) I am so happy about this.

2. I have an odd theory that eventually, except in really remote places, globalization will lead to further integration of culture and races until everyone’s intermarried and there is no such thing as distinct regional culture anymore–like a reversal of Babel, and this would probably be really bad on some level. It would be like what the church is supposed to be, people speaking the common language of faith, but not necessarily the fear and love of God involved, which would get ugly pretty quickly. I have faith, though, that God would shut it all down somehow before that happens like He did the first Babel, maybe through people having a tenacious enough grasp on their own traditions.

3. I got new glasses today, red square frames; they have a hipster librarian thing going, which is what I was sort of aiming for, all things considered. Pictures to come.

4. My sleep habits have been absolutely nuts this week, as in I’ve been getting four or five hours at night and napping for two or three during the day. This needs to get fixed, and quickly; when I don’t sleep well, bad things happen and I turn into an emo grouch, a side of my personality I really don’t like exploring, so prayer would be appreciated.

5. So. That’s all I’ve got. Grace and peace to you.

thursday 13.

This week: 13 favorite plays and musicals, if you’re into that. Musicals can be stage or film versions.

1. Godspell.

2.  Singin’ in the Rain.

3. W;t.

4. Caucasian Chalk Circle (Brecht. it’s pretty great)

5. Our Town.

6. I hate saying this, but Angels in America is pretty great.

7. Picasso at the Lapin Agile.

8. A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

9. Rent.

10. The Lion King.

12. Moulin Rouge!

13. Chicago, despite myself.

why i’m not into marian theology*

because, well, mary is my spiritual mother.

but so is priscilla. and so are the other marys, and martha, and so are lydia and tryphena and tryphosa and that woman whom Jesus healed, the one who dropped her pennies in the offering bucket, the girl Jesus raised from the dead.

so are deborah and miriam and ruth and rachel and sarah, and abigail and the zaraphethian widow and esther.

so is monica, who birthed augustine; so is bridgett, who birthed ireland; so are all those nuns and laywomen who served the church whose names we don’t know, and all the women whose names we know that are too countless to name here.

so are kate von bora and mother teresa; so are marva dawn and lauren winner and annie dillard and madeleine l’engle.

so are lisa and pam and deedee, who taught me passion; so are denise and karen and ashley and sarah, who taught me hospitality; so are kacy and ashley and the sarahs and erica and lulu, who taught me how to love people with grace; so are steph and hannah and heidi and the women of ruf, who carried me and whom i have had the privilege to carry; so is my adoptive mother, in the next room, who taught me to love God and how to forgive.

she who will not have the Church as her mother, after all, cannot have God as her Father.

[*i can think of a whole host of other reasons, too, but they’re less poetic, haha.]

and this too shall be made right.

(starting music: Johnny Cash and June Carter – Jackson)

1. To start this off on a somewhat sad note, an update on that prayer request: In order to keep the mom alive, the baby had to be delivered, and at twenty weeks he couldn’t live long outside of her–the funeral will be tomorrow. His name was Nathanael. Keep praying for them; on top of the emotional stress, she still has high blood pressure and won’t be back to physically normal for about a month. Thanks for praying, guys.

2.  Here’s a random food for thought question: Why is euthanizing animals okay, but not people? I think I have an answer for this, even though it’s somewhat unsatisfying; I just want to hear from you guys first. Cheers.

3. We need to inject some happy into this post, like, now…

4. Oh, so I finished Michael Chabon’s new book (The Yiddish Policemen’s Union) this weekend, and I have to say that it is lovely, although I don’t really recommend it if you’re not in the mood to be immersed in Jewish culture or bad language for 400+ pages. (If you’ve never read Chabon’s work, let me introduce him by saying that he was one of the screenwriters for Spiderman 2, which is likely why it didn’t suck.)

5. Finally, I have to show you this, just on principle: