“a lot of us are pulling stuff over mountains…”

starting music: The Frames – Fitzcarraldo (live)

1. The post title comes from the song–The Frames apparently wrote this song after watching a movie called, well, Fitzcarraldo, which is about a guy pulling a ship over a mountain in the middle of the Brazilian rainforest. And it seems an apt metaphor. But this is a freakin’ good song, kids. Check it out.

2. Comforting thought: “broken” is not a synonym for “worthless”, at least not when it comes to people. I needed to hear that.

3. Some links for your Sunday:

HP SPOILER: Interesting article from Christianity Today on the seventh Harry Potter book as an exposition on Matthew 6. Really, really cool.

Some good thoughts from John Piper on the 35 bridge collapse.

Movie trailers: The Darjeeling Limited (Wes Anderson = love), December Boys (Harry Potter gets out of Hogwarts and into Australia), Charlie Bartlett (…this just looks awesome), and Sleuth (Michael Caine and Jude Law, directed by Kenneth Branagh, screenplay by Harold Pinter–!!!!!).


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