thursday 13

sorry this is a bit late; i had a long shift at work today. 😦  this week: 13 things you don’t enjoy eating or drinking.

1. cauliflower

2. raw tomatoes (it’s a texture thing)

3. blue cheese

4. dark beer

5. white wine

6. black coffee

7. thousand island dressing

8. mayonnaise

9. sweet pickles

10. …and thus, tartar sauce

11. big red (the soft drink)

12. almond joy (i like coconut, i like almonds, the two of them together is wrong)
13. green olives


5 thoughts on “thursday 13

  1. 1. Broccoli
    2. Diet Dr. Pepper (shudders)
    3. Big Macs (really anything from McDonalds)
    4. Cottage Cheese
    5. Keystone Light (or as we used to call it, fermented corn syrup)
    6. Relish on hot dogs
    7. Licorice
    8. Corn on the cob (the taste is ok, it just hurts my sensitive teeth)
    9. Cotton candy
    10. Olive loaf (does anyone actually buy that crap?)
    11. Rye bread
    12. Zucchini
    13. Tequila (mmm, gotta love a shot of PURE GASOLINE)

  2. 1. Fast food hamburgers or chicken
    2. Tuna fish from a can
    3. Mayo
    4. Malt liquor (one word: spew)
    5. Bleu cheese (it tastes like hair spray)
    6. French dressing
    7. Light beer
    8. Pepsi
    9. Creamy peanut butter (I can only do cruchy)
    10. Bologna
    11. Olive loaf (I don’t know of any animals that have olives in them…and yes Josh, my dad buys it)
    12. Sweet coffee or tea (sugar in tea is syrup)
    13. Cottage cheese definately a texture thing

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