well, you know i got trouble…

(starting music: Caedmon’s Call – Trouble…it’s on the new album, free download is here, and it’s good)

1. ^ On that track, Derek Webb and Andrew Osenga sing together on a Caedmon’s album for the first time, like, ever, and they’re doing a show on Sunday night, which I plan on attending–there are rumors of their bringing back the trash cans. (If you don’t get that…go listen to “Thankful” and call me in the morning.) I am so happy about this.

2. I have an odd theory that eventually, except in really remote places, globalization will lead to further integration of culture and races until everyone’s intermarried and there is no such thing as distinct regional culture anymore–like a reversal of Babel, and this would probably be really bad on some level. It would be like what the church is supposed to be, people speaking the common language of faith, but not necessarily the fear and love of God involved, which would get ugly pretty quickly. I have faith, though, that God would shut it all down somehow before that happens like He did the first Babel, maybe through people having a tenacious enough grasp on their own traditions.

3. I got new glasses today, red square frames; they have a hipster librarian thing going, which is what I was sort of aiming for, all things considered. Pictures to come.

4. My sleep habits have been absolutely nuts this week, as in I’ve been getting four or five hours at night and napping for two or three during the day. This needs to get fixed, and quickly; when I don’t sleep well, bad things happen and I turn into an emo grouch, a side of my personality I really don’t like exploring, so prayer would be appreciated.

5. So. That’s all I’ve got. Grace and peace to you.


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