nine eight seven six

1. Loud congratulations to my blog buddies Bryce and Ashley on the birth of their first kid, a little boy named Ezra Chalmers. *throws confetti*

2. Man. I don’t know why, but this week I have been missing Baylor folks so much it hurts. Maybe it’s been talking to some of you guys on the phone; maybe it’s been listening to sermons from my church there. Maybe it’s because Waco now feels more like home than home does sometimes. Or it could just be my continued lack of sleep. I don’t know. But I miss you.

3. I have the weirdest combination of songs stuck in my head: Andrew Bird’s cover of Dylan’s “Oh Sister”, “Hold the Light” from the new Caedmon’s Call album, and Daft Punk’s “Technologic” (you know, “Buy it build it fix it burn it” and so forth). Weird weird weird. The last combination of songs I had led to the “Boots of Spanish Leather (Timbaland remix)”, so be very afraid.

4. I recently unearthed a letter from some folks from Scotland (go T-Unit CU small group ’05) and now I miss them, too, haha.

5. Umm. That’s all I have…


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