turn, turn, turn…

1. It’s really sad when you want to do research, but the only academic library available to you is the one at the local community college, thirty-forty minutes away. (Of course, it’s probably sadder that you want to do research that actually requires an academic library, when you don’t have to do said research…what can I say. I am nerdcore.)

2. A friend and I discussed this the other day–ever noticed that music you listen to in the middle of July just feels different when you listen to it in November? There’s such a thing as musical seasons, I think. My tastes run toward the autumnal most of the time, actually, but is anyone surprised by that?

3. Autumn’s my favorite season in general, really. It’s too bad we don’t get much of one in Texas, but even still, I like it. It’s a weird thing that got wired into me in my early years, maybe; the first six and a half years of my life were spent in places that actually got autumn, where the leaves changed colors and you could actually wear sweaters outside during October. Dang it, I want to wear a long-sleeved shirt.


One thought on “turn, turn, turn…

  1. Come to Russia. When I go outside, I wear: a tanktop, a long-sleeved shirt, a light weight jacket and a fleece. Actually, some days I think we skipped directly from “pleasant end of summer” to “Texas winter”. Dang it, I though this place had seasons!

    What are you researching? I wanna know!

    And as for music, I listen to Christmas music year-round…

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