melt your wings/like wax to fire

1. I had a really bad weekend that I will not recount here, but the effects are still kind of weighing on my family and me, so prayer would be really appreciated for all of us. Thanks.

2. Sara, to answer your question, stuff I would like to be researching:

  • The place of tradition in Reformed theology
  • The causes and effects of mental illness
  • Modern American poets
  • Jewish-American novelists

Yes. Nerdiness all around, especially as all of that is to satisfy my own personal curiosity

3. Here is an interesting blog post on 24 and torture which will probably annoy my more conservative readers (and any 24 fans in the room), but it’s still good food for thought all around. Again, there’s a time and a place for violence, but I’m never comfortable with torture in any situation.

4. I am seriously becoming a crunchy liberal pacifist in my old age. I’m not sure whether this is good or bad…maybe both…

5. Has anyone heard of any books written yet on Internet communities (Facebook, MySpace, etc.)? Because if not, I’m gonna write that book, and it will be awesome.


2 thoughts on “melt your wings/like wax to fire

  1. Crunchy liberal pacifist.

    It is your willingness to brand yourself as such that makes you one of the coolest people of all time. (Yep, I’m publishing a “Coolest People Of All Time” list, and you are on it!)

    And if you write your Facebook/Myspace book, please send me an autographed copy.

  2. for a while, i kicked around the idea of telling a reverse narrative using a “blog-archive” format. so often i’ve “read” people’s lives in reverse through their blogs. I think it could be entertaining.

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