this week: 13 social/political issues that interest or concern you. my list will probably prove my crunchy liberal hippie status…

1. HIV/AIDS (not just in third-world countries, but in the States, too).

2. Sustainable agricultural methods (I know, I know…)

3. Poverty in the United States.

4. Fair trade policies.

5. The persecution of Christians.

6. Women’s rights in third-world countries (women who complain about how it is in the States have clearly never heard about other parts of the world…).

7. Illiteracy.

8.  The whole Darfur genocide situation.

9. The pro-life/pro-choice debate (for reasons that I hope are somewhat obvious).

10. Gay marriage (you know, I still can’t come up with a satisfactory stance on this, at least in a political sense).

11. The public education system–how it works, what needs to change, what have you (and this is kind of weird, since I went to private school…).

12. Depression and suicide in teens and young adults.

13. The effects of globalization (specifically, advertising and Westernization).


3 thoughts on “t13

  1. Manders

    Well, that was a downer. 🙂

    I read your screenplay today. It was definitely not a downer. It reminded me of you because there was so much music in it. I like how you portray the clergymen as human: not villians or angels, just humans. I think the supernatural element was just mysterious enough to be believable.

    I wish I could write; I have a big philosophy paper coming up in October, and I’m definitely going to send it to you, because I have to stand up in front of class and let everyone rip it to shreds, so it needs to be very logical and concise and grammatical and all that good stuff.

  2. That was very weird. I’m not Manders. I clicked on the link from Facebook to get to your blog and I guess maybe that’s why it published my comment under your name? At any rate I’m me, in case you were wondering. Just so you don’t get suspicious that you’ve begun to stalk yourself or something….

  3. Rachel

    I am glad you included sustainable agriculture. 😉 Also, can I be a crunchy liberal hippie with you? Also also, I would love to read something you’ve written …

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