thursday 13

this week: 13 things you learned in school.

1. One of two things I remember from high school chemistry: Since krypton is a noble gas, it can’t be combined with oxygen to make kryptonite…unless you manipulate some protons around. Then it could possibly work.

2. The other thing: Even though its chemical structure is similar to water, hydrogen peroxide, if ingested, will make you vomit, go blind, and then die. So no drinking the peroxide, boys and girls.

3. Keeping unrequited love around is just totally not worth it.

4. Being popular is overrated.

5. Getting your work done early allows you both more free time and more boasting opportunities, both of which are strangely gratifying.

6. Life is not about you–nor is it about your roommate, so both of you really need to get over yourselves (I’m referring to a freshman year incident, so don’t worry…).

7. Making rash statements about other people to their face usually doesn’t produce good results.

8. Sitting in the back in a large class gives you the opportunity to fall asleep in the middle of a lecture. This doesn’t work so well in a class of, say, eight…

9. Sleep, other people, and other forms of catharsis are good for your sanity.

10. The Hebrew word for “work” used in the command about the Sabbath (melechah) is related to that for that for “king” (melech)…

11. So, apparently, we really do all live in a cave… (thank you, Plato).

12. Developing crushes on your professors is not a real good idea. (Don’t ask.)

13. Finally, to quote Tim Keller, you are more wicked than you dare imagine, yet at the same time, in Christ Jesus, you are more loved than you can dare hope. Amen.


4 thoughts on “thursday 13

  1. Number 6 made me really sad for about 10 seconds. Then I read the parenthetical remark. I am therefore assuming it’s ok for me to keep commenting on the same things that Erica does, because we just share freaky brainwaves like that…

    Knitting notes:
    a) Any thoughts on Tubey (knitty)? I think I’m going to start it soon.
    b) October MagKnits is up. Go drool over the aran afghan.

    Have a lovely day.

  2. Ah – Keller. Can’t beat ’em.

    So the Iron and Wine cd is quite good. It is a departure from all the music I’ve heard from them in terms of stylizing. It is a lot more plugged in and experimental, but the same feel to the songs before, if that makes a bit of sense. I can’t explain it that well yet, but it is my fav. Iron and Wine (but I only have two…)

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