currents in the stream of consciousness

eating: Lots of fruit. And my dad made vegetable soup tonight (yum), so we will be feasting on that until about Wednesday or so, probably.

doing: Working on kicking my caffeine habit (I’m down to one drink a day, and I actually do feel kind of better, if a little tired). I have no idea how long this’ll last, but it’s there for now.  Oh, and getting ready for NaNoWriMo (I’m gonna win this year, I swear).

reading: A really utilitarian book called A Writer’s Companion–yes, it was one of my college textbooks, and yes, that does make me a nerd, but you knew that already. (You know, I’m looking at my list for the year, and I haven’t read a fictional book since August, which is weird for me.)

pondering: Prayer, Mosaic parallels in The Violent Bear It Away (have y’all read this one? It’s good), trees in the Bible (really. they’re everywhere in there), plot lines.

listening: The Across the Universe soundtrack (yum).

wanting: to sleep in tomorrow (but that’s not happening).


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