the living room recommends

because i haven’t done one of these in a really long time:

John Newton hymns
The guy wrote more than “Amazing Grace”–not knocking “Amazing Grace”, but he wrote some other great gems, e.g. “Let Us Love and Sing and Wonder”, “Approach, My Soul, the Mercy Seat.” More here.

Ace of Cakes
Yes, I mean the Food Network show, but no, really, it’s hilarious. Imagine a bunch of art and theater majors armed with icing and soldering irons, and you’ve basically got it. The cakes are pretty ridiculous, too; on the episode I’m watching while I write this, one guy is making a typewriter. No joke. But really, I just watch it for Geoff, and can you blame me:

The Across the Universe arrangement of “Let It Be”
T-Bone Burnett (responsible for the O Brother, Where Art Thou soundtrack, among other things) made this one a gospel song, which gives it a little bit more soul, a little bit more visceral quality, which it needs in the context of the movie (I was all choked up during this scene). It makes lines like “And though the night is cloudy, there is still a light that shines on me” resonate more. The vocalists do a great job of it, too.

The roasted chicken flatbread salad at Quizno’s.
Seriously, I’ve had two this week. Two. They are that good. And they have all your major food groups, too.

Keeping your house clean
Especially when everything else in your life is chaotic–you gotta find order somewhere. It’s part of being in dominion over creation…kind of…


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