This week: 13 people you’ve lived with.

1. The parents.

2. A foster mom in Korea whose name I don’t remember.

3. My brother, his wife, and their two oldest kids lived with us for a while. That was insane.

4. Courtney, my first college roommate.

5. Julia, my second college roommate.

6. Kacy, my third college roommate.

7. Ashley, Sarah, and Lulu, my fourth-seventh college roommates. 🙂

8. A dog, a parakeet, and a number of fish, all now deceased.

9. Any number of other girls from church and school, on various trips, and to varying degrees of sanity.

10. Lauren and Holly (who were technically my neighbors, but we all shared a bathroom).

11. Sara, H, Erica, Jessi, Chelsey, Nicole, and occasionally Nikki and a bunch of other people, who didn’t technically pay rent but practically lived at our place, anyway.

12. Nearly all of my relatives, for brief stints.

13. And yes, I have lived alone, which is also all kinds of fun.


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