*pokes head in the door*

(starting music: The Frames – Denounced)

1. Sorry posts have been infrequent as of late (well, for me, anyway; I’m not posting five times a day, at any rate). Haven’t had a whole lot to say, to be honest, as my thought life has been really boring, but thanks for sticking around.

2. I have just acquired 3 new albums in less than five hours. Be afraid. Actually, they’re all stuff by very good artists (The Frames, Over the Rhine, Sandra McCracken), so my main problem at the moment is deciding which one to play on repeat for hours at a time. I’ve actually gotten a lot of good music lately, so it’s sort of hard to decide which ones to blast and which ones to put on hold, heh. Does anyone else have this problem, or is it just me?

3. I take the GRE in the morning. Eek! Ashley and Sara, I will give you feedback.

4.  Um. Nothing else. See, I told you my thought life was boring these days.


3 thoughts on “*pokes head in the door*

  1. bhales

    I have the same problem deciding what to listen to. What’s really weird is when I discover an awesome album that I forgot I already owned.

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