“madame la maire, you’ll wear a different chain…”

A weird idea I had, as outlined between this IM convo between Teacher Dave and myself:

me: i had a weird idea yesterday at work.
Dave: yeah?
me: a gender-bending version of les miserables where all the parts are played by someone of the opposite sex.
Dave: bizarro.
Dave: not a rewriting of roles, but simply reverse casting?
me: maybe some rewriting.
me: but it’s an interesting twist.
me: a student revolution led by women.
Dave: right.
Dave: but would “Fantine” be a man? not only played by a man, but a male character?
me: where the woman left him and he is trying to raise a son?
me: yeah.
Dave: interesting.
me: and he’s helped out by a woman.
me: also, the valjean-javert plotline gets kind of an interesting twist when you make it two women.
Dave: sure
me: “eponine” as a lovesick guy.
me: make “cosette” a little boy who has no mom
me: and the line about the lady dressed in white gets a little more sad, if that’s possible.
Dave: right
me: a little fall of rain gets a little hotter/sadder, kind of.
Dave: heh
Dave: lots of thought into this?
me: this is all kind erupting spontaneously.
me: when i get a weird idea i tend to run with it a little. 😉
Dave: just a bit. 😉


6 thoughts on ““madame la maire, you’ll wear a different chain…”

  1. Emily G.

    It would also be interesting to see “Cosette” being a boy with a protective mother instead of the stereotypical girl with a protective father!

    This IS a really interesting idea!

    I think you should stage it. Now. Yeah.

  2. hannah

    this is a very interesting idea…interesting indeed.

    and i have to say, it’d be a lot better than the current broadway revival. “little people” sung by a little girl is too adorable not to put in that thing.

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