things i have done today:

1. Eaten ice cream *and* pie. Yum.

2. Gotten my mom to swallow both her first batch of medicine and half a thing of Jello. Believe me, this is a task.

3. Talked to my dad, who is in Dallas.

4. Watched two movies.

5. Cleaned my room and stuck some stuff in the laundry.

6. Started reading High Fidelity, which is both so similar to and so different from the movie that it’s blowing my mind a little bit.

7. Wasted entirely too much time on the Internet.

8. Wondered what it’s like at convents when all the nuns have PMS at the same time (thanks a lot, Nick Hornby).

9. Been glad that I’ve had the day off.

10. Prayed for patience and mercy.

11. Written an entire slam poem in my head–I’m about to actually put it down on paper.

12. Watched famous people do completely random things (HT to Teacher Dave for the first one):


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