This week: An idea blatantly stolen from guitarist/singer/songwriter extraordinaire Andy Osenga–13 famous living people you would want to road trip with. And by famous, I mean that more than 500 people have to know who they are. Ready, set, go:

1. Dr. Tim Keller.

2. Stephen Colbert.

3. Patty Griffin.

4. John Cusack.

5. Pope Benedict.

6. Douglas Coupland.

7. Anne Lamott.

8. Derek Webb and Sandra McCracken (okay, and their baby, too).

9. Don Miller.

10. All the dudes in U2.

11. Marilynne Robinson.

12. Don and Lori Chaffer.

13.  President and Mrs. Bush.

Now, if I could somehow get all these people on the same trip, that would be really interesting…


2 thoughts on “t13.

  1. I don’t even know 13 famous people enough to list them. But I think number 8, at least, would be fun, because you wouldn’t even need the radio in your car to work. 🙂

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