a list of my sporadic thoughts on a sunday evening

1. I went into a Whole Foods for the first time in my entire life, and it is absolutely fascinating. Organic milk! Five different kinds of hummus! I have a theory that the best microcosm of a society is its grocery store or equivalent thereof; Whole Foods is an obvious sign of the further Bobo-ization of America. The end.

2. That all being said, I also wish we had a Trader Joe’s in the state of Texas, but you work with what you’ve got.

3. I’m reading High Fidelity and, strangely enough, I keep hearing John Cusack’s voice in my head as I read it. Only…he has an English accent. And it’s sort of bizarre, but in a good way.

4. Also, if you guys could all pray for me, as I haven’t been sleeping well at all the past few days–like, I’ll wake up and have an adrenaline rush in the middle of the night, so I’m sort of jittery and my mind is racing and therefore can’t get back to sleep for a while. As a result, the sides of my personality that I don’t like, the irritable depressed ones, have been coming out to play, and it’s not altogether fun. With all that’s going on at our house, that’s the last thing I need to be happening, so pray, please, those that pray.

5. On the flipside, I’m going to Waco this upcoming weekend, so I am a happy kid. The end.

6. I was going to say something else, but I can’t remember what it was…if I can remember, I’ll put it up here. Happy Sabbath.

2 thoughts on “a list of my sporadic thoughts on a sunday evening

  1. Funny that you’re reading High Fidelity, cuz I’m reading Slam, Nick Hornby’s latest release. Interesting read, as usual from Hornby.

    BTW, nice quote in byFaith. Although I was disappointed by the article as a whole–it just didn’t really say anything.

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