This week: 13 things you have to do at least yearly.

1. Read The Lord of the Rings trilogy. I wish I were kidding about this. 😉

2. Take a blog hiatus.

3. Watch High Fidelity and Pulp Fiction.

4. Go get a full checkup at the doctor.

5. Make grand plans to go on a road trip to somewhere on the coast, and then not do it. 😉

6. Eat dinner with my grandparents, the ones who live in San Antonio. Always happens about once a year, and never for the same occasion.

7. Eat a hot dog. No, seriously, I literally eat about one hot dog every year, and it’s usually because someone’s cooking them and I think, hey, I guess I want one. 99.9% of the time I’ll pass them up. I know, I’m weird.

8. Take a trip out to the Galleria.

9. Take a trip out to The Woodlands mall.

10. Go on a book purge.

11. Listen to the entire contents of my iTunes library all the way through. I can’t explain this.

12. Try to do NaNoWriMo.

13. Pop into CGR to say hi.


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