this week: 13 artists/bands you must see live before you die.

1. Bob Dylan (in this case, it’s more likely to be before he dies)

2. U2 (they need to put out a freakin’ album so they can tour for it)

3. Wilco.

4. Patty Griffin.

5. Sufjan Stevens.

6. Bruce Springsteen (preferably with the E Street Band).

7. The Frames.

8. The Decemberists.

9. Over the Rhine.

10. Feist.

11. Waterdeep (if they ever start touring again).

12. The Flaming Lips.

13. Ben Folds.


8 thoughts on “t13

  1. Steph

    i feel so privileged, i was in on this original conversation! anyway, 13’s alot better than 5. here we go:

    1. The Eagles
    2. U2
    3. Pink Floyd (if the boys ever get past their differences and get back together)
    4. Bob Dylan (silly me for missing ACL)
    5. Wilco
    6. Patty Griffin
    7. Nickel Creek (Again!)
    8. Counting Crows
    9. Paul Simon
    10. Damien Rice
    11. Mannheim Steamroller
    12. The Decemberists
    13. Over The Rhine

  2. I’ve seen U2, Ben Folds (with the Houston Symphony, even), and Waterdeep (3-4 times). Can’t recommend them enough.

    The bands/artists I *want* to see:

    –Dave Matthews. I know, I know.
    –Flaming Lips.
    –Barenaked Ladies.
    –Sufjan Stevens.
    –*embarrased admission* Dashboard.
    –The Decemberists. you’ve made me a believer.
    –Jars of Clay (playing a regular show, not a Christmas show).

  3. 1. Brand New
    2. Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals
    3. Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds
    4. Pink Floyd (please?)
    5. Coheed and Cambria
    6. Radiohead
    7. The White Stripes
    8. LCD Soundsystem
    9. The Arcade Fire
    10. Funeral For a Friend
    11. Josh Groban
    12. Bombs Over Providence
    13. John Mayer (yeah, I said it)

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