and her last words were, “i’m always thinking of you”

1. I was going to write something odd/funny here, but I have the feeling it may get me in trouble, so if you’re really that curious, ask.

2. Geek moment: Know what I love? That deconstructionism is so easily deconstructed. Then again, I don’t know if that proves its veracity or not.

3. The T13 will be taking a day off tomorrow for Thanksgiving–not traditionally the case, but really, I just don’t feel like it this year.

4. Sorry that posting has been light of late; it seems that I haven’t had a whole lot to say that feels blogworthy, I suppose. God has been teaching me a lot lately, a lot of the difficult bits, but it’s been worth it, and I guess that’s all right with me. If He is really my sufficiency, everything else has to take a major back seat to knowing Him (it’s no wonder Paul calls it all a pile of crap). So.

What does that all mean for my life? Well, I’m beginning to work that out. That may mean that I don’t blog as much, for one thing, so my apologies if you come check often. Who knows.

5. Currents:

*Reading: Desiring God by John Piper (which explains a bit of the above point), and the new issue of Real Simple.
*Eating: Homemade pumpkin chocolate chip cake, from this recipe, except baked in a 9×9 pan for 25 minutes instead of muffin pans, since by some freak of nature we don’t have any regular-size muffin pans in this house. Oh, and something about turkey tomorrow.
*Listening: Old-school U2 (I’ve been rocking War lately), The Frames, and mixing my end-of-year discs (details to come, for the interested).
*Watching: Mythbusters, which I love, even if they are a bunch of materialist skeptics.


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