and ransom captive israel…

1. Happy Advent, all, and I hope that in this season we are all able to wait for Jesus–I know it’s kind of a crazy time of year to do so, but don’t be like the folks who missed the ark. Get on board and trust that God’s going to make everything new.

2. Welcome and thanks to all the folks who commented on the post below (and thanks, Pastor Bill, for the linkage). The Living Room’s big enough for a lot of people. Have a seat. There’s a pot of coffee going in the kitchen.

3. So. There’s not a whole else to say–I’m working, grappling with a lot of things mentally and spiritually…nothing really blog-worthy (or blog-appropriate, for that matter). Praying more to become a person of peace, and more importantly of shalom, which more than meaning peace means wholeness, everything-made-rightness. And it is a fruit of the Spirit indeed.

At church a few weeks ago we had a sermon on solitude and quiet, which I’ve been trying to work more into my life, and I find that the problem isn’t so much that I have no noise around me, it’s that there’s a lot of noise inside me. I think too much about things anyway, all the time, and so it’s really hard for me to just get my mind quiet so I can hear. I have the feeling I’m not wholly alone in this.

Preparing the way for the Lord involves cutting down a lot of trees. This is something I’m having to learn the hard way.

4. I read too many craft blogs, and so now I’m having hipster guilt about not making everything for everyone for Christmas. Well, tough. Some of the people on my gift list won’t really dig it, anyway, so I guess it’s okay. BUT! If you wanna look at some beautiful stuff, check out Etsy, which makes me drool every time I go in. If you have people in your life that would dig some handmade stuff, go there.

5. Finally, in the (very) off-chance that any Jewish folk are watching, an early happy Hanukkah to you (of course, we Gentile folk can rock this, too):


2 thoughts on “and ransom captive israel…

  1. The noise inside is often much more pervasive and distracting then the noise outside. Some meditators have called our mind “the chattering monkey” – it never seems to be quiet. Next time I see you, remind me to talk to you about some of the things that I’ve been learning about trying to reign in the noise and be still…

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