t13 (the “argh, sorry this is so late” edition)

This week: 13 things you’re trying to make up your mind about.

1. Who the heck I’m going to vote for in primaries.

2. Whether or not to cancel my Netflix subscription.

3. What kind of car I should buy, once I get the cash.

4. What to do with my day off tomorrow…

5. What kind of bread I want to make in a minute.

6. Whether or not I should go see a movie this weekend.

7. Whether or not to get a haircut.

8. How I’m going to end this project I’m working on.

9. Whether or not to make up for missing a lectionary poem post…

10. What to give up for Lent, and which spiritual discipline to practice more.

11. Whether or not I’m going to write this letter…

12. Where I could possibly go for a “spring break”.

13. What to do for my birthday (it’s on Monday *cough*).


3 thoughts on “t13 (the “argh, sorry this is so late” edition)

  1. Ashless

    I’m flying out of Houston on the 22nd, and I think I’m coming up the 21st to stay in a hotel, since the flight is really early in the morning. If I come up in time do you want to hang out on the 21st? Last time you’ll get to see me for a while unless you come to Sicily.

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