23 things to do as a 23-year-old

Or, I keep thinking of that Jim Carrey movie and it’s freaking me out a little…

1. Memorize Ephesians (already up to 1:6).

2. Buy a car.

3. Kick my addictions.

4. Knit a sweater (maybe this one, only not as, well, fluorescent).

5. Write at least 23 poems for the blog.

6. Austin City Limits festival in September.

7. Move out of my parents’ house.

8. Obtain a laptop.

9. Write long letters to 23 different people.

10. Eat 23 things I’ve never eaten.

11. Fit into my senior prom dress.

12. Road trip out of the state.

13. See Sweeney Todd (the stage musical, not the movie) when it comes to town.

14. Fill up a new journal by 1.14.09.

15. Take my lunch to work more.

16.  Dye my hair an unnatural color.

17. Get a second piercing in each ear.

18. Finish this screenplay I’m working on.

19. Win NaNoWriMo, for once.

20. Read at least 23 authors I’ve never read before.

21. Go to my five-year high school reunion, if we have one.

22. Make a new friend.

23. Post more. Maybe.


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